Bader Alkhazi
Bader AlkhaziPh.D Candidate
Information Systems Engineering

Bader is a Ph.D. candidate in the Information Systems Engineering program. After completing his bachelor's degree in computer engineering at Kuwait University, he worked in Areva T&D (UK/France) for 6 months as part of an apprenticeship program before proceeding to work in The Central Agency for IT (CAIT-Kuwait) as an information systems engineer. Bader completed his master's degree at University of Michigan (2015) and immediately started the PhD program at the same school. Along the way, he dabbled in many extracurricular activities and received numerous awards including ACM's SIGSOFT CAPS Award (2016), UofM Honor Scholars (2015), National Engaged Leader Award (2014), Arab e-Content Award (2012) and Kuwait e-Award (2011).

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Automated refactoring of ATL model transformations: a search-based approach

Oct 2, 2016  - MODELS '16 Proceedings of the ACM/IEEE 19th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems

Coauthor(s): Ruas, T., Kessentini, M., Wimmer, M., & Grosky, W. I.

Model Transformation Modularization as a Many-Objective Optimization Problem

Jan 17, 2017 - publication descriptionIEEE Transactions on Software Engineering

Coauthor(s): Fleck, M., Troya, J., Kessentini, M., Wimmer, M.

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