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Prospective Students for Fall 2017

I am looking for a couple of motivated graduate students interested in Software Engineering research. Please send your resume, transcripts and published research materials to me.

Current Ph.D and Post Doc Students

Slim Bechikh
Slim Bechikh/ Post-doc /
Research interests: SBSE, Multi-objective optimization
Makram Soui
Makram Soui/ Post-doc /
Research interests: SBSE, Software Quality, Intelligent Information System
Wiem Mkaouer
Wiem Mkaouer/ Ph.D. Candidate /
Thesis topic: Many-Objective Software Engineering
Usman Mansoor
Usman Mansoor/ Ph.D. Candidate /
Thesis topic: Search-based Model-Driven Engineering
Dilan Sahin
Dilan Sahin/ Ph.D. Candidate /
Thesis topic: Bi-Level Software Refactoring and Testing
Joselin Dea
Joselin Dea/ Ph.D. Candidate /
Thesis topic: Behavioral Search-Based Software Engineering
Bader Alkhazi
Bader Alkhazi/ Ph.D. Candidate /
Thesis topic: Quality of Web-Services
Adnane Ghannem
Adnane Ghannem/ Ph.D. Candidate /
Thesis topic: Example-Based Model Refactoring Co-advised with Dr. ElBoussaidi from Ecole de Technologie Superieure, Canada
Hanzhang Wang
Hanzhang Wang/ Ph.D. Candidate /
Thesis topic: SBSE and Predictive modeling
Rim Mahouachi
Rim Mahouachi/ Ph.D. Candidate /
Thesis topic: Code-Smells Detection and Correction Co-advised with Dr. Ghedira from University of Tunis, Tunis

Former Ph.D Students

Ali Ouni
Ali Ouni/ Graduated in December 2014 /
Now assistant professor at Osaka University, Japan

Current Master Students

Reetika Boyina, MS thesis 
Vamsee Deep Nemala, MS thesis 
Vineeth Mopala, MS thesis 
Sindhu Namburu, MS thesis


Mazen Alnofal, MS
Patrice Koligheu Kontchou, MS
Swetha Gurram, MS
Lokesh Krishna Ravichandran, MS
Ameni Ben Fahdel, MS
Wael Kessentini, MS
Mohamed Boussaa, MS
Wafa Werda, MS
Wael Sboui, MS
Amel Boukhdir, MS
Nathan Barron, BSE
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